A composition of fragments,
of Scotland, of thoughts in Scotland,
of the longevity of ideas and our connection
with the land.

Pallasmaa wrote “…any authentic work is set
into the timeless tradition of artistic works
and is meaningful only if it presents itself
humbly to this tradition and becomes part of
that continuum.”

Pallasmaa talks about authenticity and humbleness
and tradition. He acknowledges a non-too-ethereal
impression of our predecessors on our thoughts
and actions, even after they receive the dignity
of death.

“Traditions take a century to make.”
Matzine is nearly five years old

The collaborator who is humble is the labourer
on the ground. The land worker.

The land worker and the terranean traditions.

In Tlön there are objects known as hrönir, that
arise when two different people find the “same”
lost object in different places.

Tradition is handing down, to give, from one
generation to another.

The nether is down, downwards, below the earth.
The beneath.

Borges wrote, “There is beauty in tombs”


The ability of ideas to influence reality.

Inspiration is breathing in.

Ideas are vision, they are seeing.

and Tradition is handing down, to give, from one
generation to another.

Michael Spens, Knight of the Order of the Lion
of Finland. He told us, he told us, “Don’t touch
the reeds ,,,,,,,,, and we’ve repeated his words
since. A transference, a reworking, a revision.

A duplication.

The afterimage, the afterglow, is a holding on;
it is a not-giving or breathing in. Hold your breath.