rubens’ fire organ

  • role:
    production designer
  • client:
  • location:
    Bartholomew the Great, London
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Light and sound installation commissioned as part of Musarc’s 2011 christmas concert.

The project involved working with concept designers Mathew Kneebone and Yuri Suzuki to detail design and construct six rubens’ tubes through which to play a six channel pieces of audio, played through 3 amps and 1 propane gas tank.

quoted from yuri’s website:

also known as a standing wave flame tube, or simply flame tube, is an antique physics apparatus for demonstrating acoustic standing waves in a tube. Invented by German physicist Heinrich Rubens in 1905, it graphically shows the relationship between sound waves and sound pressure, like a primitive oscilloscope. Today it is only used occasionally, as a demonstration in physics education. In this project, we are trying to make 6 segment image visualizer with this method.

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