project context

A programme of events based around architectural education in the UK + Ireland. The project sought to frame pertinent shortcomings in the way our culture trains architects, while equally encouraging fresh, considered propositions to address the problems raised.

In 2011, the future for architects in the UK and Ireland is in a state of flux and uncertainty. You only need to look at the Building Futures’ report The Future for Architects, the WhatNow? project or ZAP’s upcoming righteous rant about student fees to sense the anxiety in the architecture industry. In a profession which requires a minimum of seven years training to qualify, it seems only fitting to ask  how are the next generation of architects being future-proofed? Goodness knows the last few generations were not backward compatible!

→ Should schools of architecture cut their student admissions?
→ Has the construction industry’s fawning over CAD ‘drawing
efficiency’ eff ectively strangled the craft & art of the student
hand-made drawing?
→ What if we dissolve schools of architecture?
→ Have students too heavy a reliance on their final drawings?

These are a taste of the questions that Project Context seeks answers for. Project Context is an alternative, probing review of architecture education in 2011. Directed by Seán McAlister and Max Gane, [part 2 architecture graduates, twice removed], Project Context challenges
assumptions in architectural education, asking questions about the link between institutional training and the architectural profession.

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