meta architecture

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    film maker
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Meta Architecture is an installation of video, drawings and a zine-like publication. It is a project designed by Stephen Mackie and Seán McAlister, exploring uncharted territory in architecture and film. An original soundtrack is designed as a reaction to the film, produced by renowned music engineer Vincent Oliver

The subject of the exhibition is about this notion of visually representing a subjective experience of space. For this we have surveyed two spaces in London, a studio apartment and the gallery space we are exhibiting in. To do this we use photography, film and hand drawings as a way of testing our research.

An important question this project aims to ask the viewer is “how is your holistic visual perception of space different from the limits of what your eyes can see?”


Assuming there is no single objective answer to this question, our drawings and video are interpretations of the idea of the visual field. The intention is that the viewer uses this reference point to compare with their own sense of how they visually experience space. 

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