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mat.zine is a collaborative zine, publishing articles dwelling on the peripheries of architecture. Theme’s traverses art, archaeology, literature and more.

The following is an excerpt from the website:


mat.zine – ‘Material Zine’ -began in 2009 as an experiment in the rapid publishing of research ideas for a group of  Dundee School of Architecture M.Arch students. Issues 1-4 explored and presented the work of the group and were edited collectively. With issue 5 mat.zine bacame a publication open to all and edited by many; freely available and made possible by the exchange of ideas in the cloud.

Each edition is framed by a theme. The theme is selected and a call for submissions announced by the editor, which alternates for each edition. All content is welcome for consideration; drawings, photographs, writing and whatever else you might create. The editor then formats the content as they desire and in accordance with the theme. The zine is published on this site; as a digital edition and a print-ready pdf which anyone may enjoy and distribute. We encourage you to print as many copies as you can, and spread them far and wide.

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