#bidboutique was a sculptural installation, set in the Nelson Stair of Somerset House. The project was commissioned by charity Save The Children. The design incorporates over 250 wooden pallets, deconstructed and upcycled, in three arc forms. The core design was by Andre Ford.

The installation visually, expressively, exhibited donated items of fashionware, to be auctioned during London Fashion Weekend, with all proceeds going to charity.

Recycling old, weathered timber pallets proved to be a logistical challenge, with transport and temporary storage early hurdles we overcame.

The resulting sinuous, rough-textured “river-of-timber” provided a harmony-of-contrasts amidst the slender elegance of somerset house’s iconic stairwell. The aesthetic juxtaposition was complimented by the more abstract temporal displacement of classical rigour against bold, chaotic sculpture.

Part of our brief was to aid fundraising with the installation. We sought a close relationship between physical artefact, virtual online bidding website and social media.

We had just a short slice of time within which to install the project in the delicate environment of Somerset House. To adequately prepare for this we opted to prefabricate as much of the installation off-site, weeks in advance, and build the primary structure in modules, capable of being lift by a maximum of two men. These modules had to be brought deep into the belly of the building, through narrow, fragile doorframes, so measurements of our access route then informed module dimensions..

Working in collaboration with the London Fashion Weekend curators, the Save The Children client, contractors and building managers helped enrich our design through the myriad services and expertise at hand.

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